Is Magic Real?

In the Harry Potter movies we watch kids play Quidditch on a broomstick and little wizards and witches casting brief spells here and there with their magic wands. In the film, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” we watch martial arts heroes literally flying the various timber to fight. These days we’re flooded with all sorts of movies that deliver magic into our lives. With all this new discovered interest in magic, the majority are asking, “Is magic actual?” What do you watched? Is magic real and might you surely have magic on your lifestyles?

Yes. Magic could be very actual and has existed as a specific technology for lots of years. Whether you call it magic, magick or majick, it is real. Every unmarried man or woman can learn to do magic. We have been ALL born with the abilities and capabilities that empower us to do magic. The best motive that magic appears so, well, magical is this society no longer teaches the artwork and technological know-how of magic. In the remote past, magical have a look at became just as crucial as math, science or the arts. Even the miracles that Jesus completed have been based on using magic. In reality, magic was and nonetheless is the birthright of EVERY planetary citizen.

Can you learn how to do the form of magic portrayed in the films? Yes – and no. The films are tremendous at giving you a flavor of what you could do with magic, however they aren’t very accurate. In the Harry Potter movies, for example, the characters use their wands for every magical operation. In truth, you could handiest use the wand to handle air energies. Your wand could certainly explode or capture fireplace if you tried to use it to throw firebolts and fireballs like the characters do in the movie.

So what can you really do with magic? Quite a lot. Here’s a brief list to get you began:

– Balance your energies for recovery and manifestation
– Change old ideals
– Defend your self in opposition to physical and psychic attack
– Heal your self and others
– Find hidden information and notice viable futures
– Psychically communicate with other beings
– Create sacred area
– Find misplaced human beings and gadgets
– Manifest what you need and need in lifestyles

At the very basis of magic is the understanding of the 4 elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Called elemental magic, those foundational elements are actual. Air, Fire, Water and Earth are part of our natural ordinary surroundings. What makes them magical is the expertise of how they perform now not just on the bodily degree, however additionally at the degrees of mind and Spirit.

For instance, whilst at the physical degree Air is simply the stuff we breathe, at the magical levels Air is the conduit of psychic verbal exchange, enlightenment, expertise, dreaming and greater. If you need extra of any of these items to your lifestyles, then you definately want greater magical Air. How do you get greater magical Air? Wear extra Air colors, such as white for communication and sky blue for enlightenment and understanding. To take this one step similarly, you can additionally take on extra Air to make your body lighter.

By just extending your understanding and use of the basic substances of nature, you’re doing magic! Seen in this light, magic isn’t all smoke and mirrors, nor is it the end result of Hollywood computer graphics. Magic is the result of truly know-how and running with the very factors which are all around you.

One very last note: Many masters, which include Wayne Dyer, have said, “You’ll see it when you trust it.” The same is actual for magic. In different words, the suspension of disbelief and the willingness now not to workout contempt prior to investigation are necessities for magic to be “real.” Magic is all round us, and continually is, but our potential to understand and use the forces of magic relies upon on our willingness to be open. No one else can show it to you, simplest your direct revel in and observation can “prove” or show to you that magic is actual.

We’ve located that one of the handiest approaches to enjoy magic (and your own magical competencies) is to paintings with clouds. Clouds reply in your aim, and you can without difficulty pass, shape and manipulate clouds from a extremely good distance. And shifting clouds which can be suspended loads of feet above you is quite magical, isn’t always it? To begin playing with clouds, send a blank electronic mail to clouds at magicien Lyon